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The Africa Tech Summit Connects podcast continues the conversation with industry leaders, investors and corporates providing you with insights from across the African tech scene.

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FoodTech in Africa – Inseco, a South African startup monetise food waste to deliver sustainable proteins with insects

Insurtech in Africa – deep dive with Jihan Abass, founder of Kenyan insurtech, Griffin Insurance

China and Africa – innovation and learning through technology

Luuk Eliens


Dean H. Diabaté

Alibaba Group

Wody Keita

Africa Tech Summit

Spotlight on the Egyptian tech scene

Tamer Azer

Principal - Sawari Ventures

Andrew Fassnidge

Founder - Africa Tech Summit

Nigeria’s tech opportunity in a crisis

Kola Aina

Partner - Ventures Platform

Vivian Nwakah

Founder - Medsaf

Andrew Fassnidge

Founder - Africa Tech Summit

Ventures triage – survival strategies in a downturn 

Ido Sum

Partner - TLcom Capital
Kenza Lahlou

Kenza Lahlou

Managing Partner - Outlierz Ventures

Andrew Fassnidge

Founder - Africa Tech Summit

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