Llew Claasen

Llew Claasen is the Managing Partner of Newtown Partners, a venture capital firm founded by him and Vinny Lingham in 2014. The firm invests globally in early-stage, emerging technology and disruptive business model startups that drive economic activity in a fundamentally positive way. In 2019 they started working with a global logistics company to enable their corporate venture capital program. Newtown Partners operate out of offices in San Diego, U.S. and Cape Town, South Africa.

Llew is a go-to-market strategist with almost two decades of senior management experience in digital product management and digital marketing. He co-founded Clicks2customers (rebranded to www.nmpidigital.com) with Vinny Lingham, now a global digital marketing agency with annual billings in excess of $100 million and Synthasite (rebranded to www.yola.com).

Llew is also the former Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation, the original, the oldest and the largest cryptocurrency advocacy organization globally, headquartered in San Francisco, U.S.

Llew has a Masters degree in the Management of Technology & Innovation.


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