Bez Idakula

Bez Idakula was born into music.  As a young musician and performer, Bez started to fine-tune his sound, drawing inspiration from various genres. African beats, Hip Hop, soul and jazz unified to enrich his music, giving life to a new genre, alternative soul.

In 2009/2010 he was featured in the Hennessy Artistry Series, a prestigious campaign that celebrates innovation in music and the art of blending different genres together.

His first album, Super Sun, was released to critical acclaim in 2011. Around the world, voices chimed in to praise his revolutionary stylings – among them the Boston Globe, the BBC, Rolling Stone, MTV, Essence and Vogue.

From being the first African artist to premiere a video on the BET channel, to speaking at Harvard’s African Business Conference, Bez proudly wore the mantle of ambassador to Africa and her rich musical tapestry.

Next, Bez conquered the festival circuit, headlining two showcases at South by Southwest Austin, before making his presence felt in New York and Los Angeles with multiple concerts, including appearances at the iTunes store. His voice powered the pre-Olympic games in London and he graced many a stage across the African continent.

In 2018, he was flown to Cannes – the European capital for music and film. Here, he was one of only 11 artists selected globally to participate in the MIDEM Artist Accelerator, the world’s leading music event for creators.

Bez is passionate about exploring the melodies of the world through live music. His sophomore album, ‘Gbagyi Child’, was widely lauded for drawing directly from the local sounds and instruments of Nigerian villages. He is almost synonymous with live music in Nigeria, thanks to his celebrated series of live concerts, Bez Live.

Bez is often held up as a role model for young musicians, a title that he takes very seriously; he is the founder of RTIST HUB, an Emerging Artist Program in Lagos.

Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, artist, lyricist, creator, mentor and builder of dreams – Bez Idakula continues to defy boundaries and genres.


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