Unpacking The Future of Crypto in Africa

Insights and expert views from the panel session on Unpacking The Future of Crypto in Africa at Africa Tech Summit Nairobi 2024 featuring: Jason Marshall, COO at Yellow Card, Chris Duffus, Founder & CEO at Fonbnk, Gwera Kiwana, Founder in Residence: Crypto at Onafriq, Munachimso Ogueke, Co-Founder & CEO at OneLiquidity and moderated by Hilina Damte, Emerging Tech Partnerships at Iceaddis.

On February 14th & 15th 2024 Africa Tech Summit hosted ATS Nairobi with 1700+ attendees from 800+ companies who listened and learned from 169 speakers across 60 sessions. It was a jam packed few days of keynotes, masterclass sessions, fireside chats, panels and pitches. View the session from across the Africa Money and Defi Summit, Africa Climate Tech & Investment Summit, Africa Startup Summit and Mobile & App Summit here.


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