Africa Climate Tech & Investment Summit

Africa Climate Tech & Investment Summit

Africa Climate Tech & Investment Summit

Connecting The Africa Climate Tech Ecosystem

Africa Climate Tech & Investment Summit will showcase insights from leading change makers at the nexus of climate, tech and investment in Africa. The Summit will feature keynotes, panels, breakout sessions and exhibition while connecting investors, corporates, and start-ups.

It will also feature the launch of The Africa Climate, Tech & Sustainability Report (pre-register), kindly supported by Mercy Corps Ventures and Peercarbon.

Who Attends?

Governments, corporates, investors, DFI’s, entrepreneurs, accelerators, consumers, and relevant stakeholders, to build a brighter and more sustainable future for Africa and the wider world.

Africa Tech Summit Nairobi
Africa Tech Summit Nairobi
Africa Startup Summit - Power
Africa Tech Summit Nairobi
Africa Tech Summit Nairobi
Africa Tech Summit Nairobi
Africa Money & DeFi Summit - Startup Showcase
Africa Startup Summit - Agritech
Africa Startup Summit - Food Security

Partner & Exhibit

Confirming one of the partner opportunities for Africa Tech Climate Tech Summit will ensure your company’s brand is positioned as one of the preeminent organisations at the forefront of the African Climate industry, to a distinguished audience of industry leaders and international media. Contact the team to discuss future opportunities to sponsor and promote your brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is climate tech, and why is it important for Africa?

In the African context, climate tech is crucial because the continent is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, including droughts, floods, and food security issues. By developing and adopting climate tech solutions, Africa can mitigate these challenges, transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, and promote resilience in its communities and ecosystems.

How is climate tech being funded and supported in Africa?

Climate tech in Africa is being funded and supported through various channels:

  1. Venture Capital and Impact Investing: Private investors, venture capital firms, and impact investors are funding African climate tech startups that show potential for environmental and social impact.
  2. Government Initiatives: Some African governments have established funds or incentives to support climate tech innovation. For example, the African Development Bank’s “Green Growth and Climate Change Program” provides financial support for climate projects.
  3. International Partnerships: International organizations and development agencies collaborate with African governments and businesses to fund and implement climate tech projects.
  4. Accelerators and Incubators: Climate tech startups often participate in accelerator and incubator programs that provide funding, mentorship, and resources to help them scale their solutions.
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