Zawadi Bushoki

As Head of Customer Support at Yogupay, a rapidly growing money transfer platform, Zawadi describes herself as a champion of empathetic innovation having spent 4 years in the dynamic world of FinTech. She firmly believes that technology can amplify customer experience rather than just automate it.

Her leadership has resulted in soaring customer satisfaction scores and reduced support resolution times. For Zawadi, the real success is reflected in the smiles on customers’ faces, the confidence she instills in her team, and the human touch she brings to every interaction.

Zawadi doesn’t just lead, she inspires. She creates a collaborative environment where cross-functional teams work in harmony to create seamless customer journeys. She believes in shared ownership of the customer experience, whether it’s streamlining processes or empowering agents.

In a nutshell, Zawadi is a force for good. She blends tech-savviness with empathy, prioritizes people over processes, and inspires everyone around her to believe in the power of exceptional customer experiences.

Outside of work, Zawadi is passionate about the community. She champions financial literacy programs and mentors young entrepreneurs, sharing her knowledge, and igniting their spark for innovation.

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