Sarah Idahosa

Sarah Idahosa is a Web3 Community Builder, Token economist, Web3 Educator and a Decentralized Finance researcher. She has a background in educating people about the Blockchain Technology and how to transition from Web2 to Web3.

She is beguiled by the Blockchain Technology and takes out time to learn alot more about it.

She is also the founder of the #WomenInDeFi Community that is led by solid females from different aspects of the Web3 Space who help other women discover their web3 potential through job mentorship and analysis and create a firm foundation for them as they start their career.

She is also a public speaker who has demonstrated this skill in speaking at numerous physical and virtual events on different topics assigned to her and does her best in dissecting them to the bearest minimum for ease in understanding for someone as little as a toddler. She has spoken at events like Nigeria Fintech Week, Africa Money and DeFi Summit, Accra amongst others.

She has worked as a community builder in different Web3 brands to help build sustainable communities for their business

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