Micheline Ntiru

Micheline Ntiru is Delta40’s Director of Post-Investment Support at Delta40. With an extensive career spanning over 20 years, Micheline brings a wealth of expertise in development finance, impact and venture capital investment, business advisory, and private sector development across five continents. She has been a key Business Advisor for Stanford Seed, guiding over 50 CEOs and growth-stage businesses in Africa.

Her managerial role at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) across Latin America and the Caribbean, Micheline focused on advisory  in agribusiness, green energy, financial services, and mining.

She is actively involved in several investment committees, including Kenya Climate Ventures and ATGSamata, overseeing deal sourcing, execution, and portfolio support in sub-Saharan Africa. Fluent in nine languages, Micheline’s invaluable leadership, operational and investment  experience positions her to provide comprehensive support to all our portfolio companies.

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