Kui Kinyanjui

Kui Kinyanjui is the Head of Regulatory and Public Policy at Safaricom. At Safaricom, she is tasked with developing a comprehensive regulatory and stakeholder engagement strategy and driving its delivery across multiple internal and external stakeholder groups. 

She works with organizational leaders and worldwide affiliates to identify unique market opportunities, leading a team that is responsible for managing government relations, regulatory compliance, public policy analysis and external stakeholder relations.

Throughout her career, Kui has complimented the growth of Fortune 500 companies, African tech unicorns and global non-profits who are united by the same goal: how to creatively use technology to enable access to critical services.

From tracing how Artificial Intelligence can enhance medical diagnoses; to exploring the context behind the growth of M-PESA, the world’s most successful money transfer project; to discovering how technology can create a more sustainable and open spaces for knowledge, Kui has worked with a variety of organizations to build audiences and create sustainable stakeholder engagement.

Prior to her current role at Safaricom, Kui worked in San Francisco for the Wikimedia Foundation. She has previously also served as the Head of Corporate Communications at Safaricom, as well as working for IBM’s Growth Markets Unit, Nation Media Group and several others.

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