Keturah Ovio

Keturah Ovio

Founder & CEO Dukka

Keturah Ovio is the Founder and CEO of Dukka. She is a trained software engineer, 3x tech founder, growth expert, executive-level talent, board member, columnist at BusinessDay Nigeria, and African art Patron. Keturah strongly believes that technology can solve a lot of human problems, or at worst, make them easier to bear.

Keturah lives by the mantra that in order to impact lives at scale, one must first impact the lives of a few.

She actively promotes and supports initiatives aimed at providing equitable opportunities for women and girls to pursue and excel in tech careers. She commenced her career as a founding engineer at a Japanese founded Startup in Southeast Asia, she was employee number one. She has founded and pivoted startups in Africa, and held leadership roles and board membership at various organisations in Africa and the UK.

She has bootstrapped startups to profitability, raised grants, Angel and Venture Capital investments for startups she founded, and been opportune to be a part of. As an award winning founder, she has met and been mentored by some of the world’s greatest business magnates. Noteworthy to mention are;

·      One (1) year entrepreneurial leg up and personal mentorship with Sir Richard
·      Branson at his family home in Oxford UK
·      Beneficiary of Branson Center of Entrepreneurship, Johannesburg SA.
·      Beneficiary of the Tony Elumelu Foundation,
·      Beneficiary of Cherie Blair Foundation.
·      Overall winner of Enterprise Challenge by Virgin Group and The British Council
·      New Venture Competition 2019 Finalist – Wharton Africa Business Forum
·      Finalist Africa-UK Female Tech Founders
·      Best in Cohort FounderGym Cohort 18
·      Mercury Raise: Seed (W23)

As a trained software engineer and high-growth specialist, Keturah has held executive positions and played a pivotal role in the growth and successful exits of multiple organizations throughout Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Keturah nurtures a deep appreciation for African art, having been an avid collector since her early 20s. She currently serves as an executive at Patrons Modern & Contemporary African Art, where she offers advisory services, curates collections, and manages portfolios for individuals and corporate entities seeking to initiate or diversify their wealth management through art investments.

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