Josh Whale

Josh Whale is the Founder and CEO of Ampersand, Africa’s first electric mobility company. Today, Ampersand has grown into Africa’s foremost e-boda company and boasts East Africa’s largest EV-motorcycle taxi fleet and battery swap network, powering over 2000 vehicles nearly 1.5 million km every week.

Ampersand’s mission is clear: To help catalyze the global transition from fossil fuels to clean propulsion by focusing on the global south, and in particular on 50% of African road traffic: Commercial taxi and delivery motorcycles.

Ampersand’s comprehensive approach includes a cutting-edge battery swap network, made-in-Africa battery tech that’s the envy of the world’s largest battery-makers, and the leading software backend for real-time battery fleet management. Ampersand’s attention to technology, its customers, strategic partnerships, and product-market fit have delivered a world first: A mass-market EV that simply costs less to acquire and 35% less to operate than its internal combustion counterpart, with compelling financial returns for the company itself.  Ampersand has also played a leading role in supporting the creation of enabling policy frameworks and incentives for emobility in Rwanda and Kenya.

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