Jimmy Braimah

Jimmy Braimah is the founder and CEO of Goodtalent Corporation a Talent Marketplace that helps global seed-stage companies crowdsource, vet, and compliantly pay remote African talents.

Jimmy’s career spans over 15 years in the recruitment consulting industry. Jimmy is a 2nd-time missionary founder, he started eRecruiter Africa from his spare room in 2013. He fully bootstrapped the company to 36 employees in Nigeria, Ghana, and Ivory Coast.

Before his first company, Jimmy started his career in 2002 with New Nigeria Bank Plc and thereafter moved to the United Kingdom in 2003, where he worked for Alorol Group, Lindsay King Group, MSB Global Consulting, and British Telecommunications.

Jimmy holds a BSc (Hons) in Geography and Regional Planning and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Strategy from the University of Aberdeen where he received a postgraduate commendation. He is an expert in developing recruitment campaigns, implementing recruitment strategies, and branding.

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