Jacqueline Aby

Jacqueline Aby


Jacqueline Brondberg Aby is a Danish/Ivorian entrepreneur, who moved to Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire in 2018 to develop a Money Transfer service she had worked for in London since 2013. Taking ATLMoney Transfer from 3 payout partners in Africa, to expand their payout network to over 700 locations in West Africa, with a year on year increase in volume of over 50%.

Prior to this Jacqueline founded the first babysitting on-demand service in London, with a live booking and payment system. She excited Day&Night Sitters to pursue the opportunity to eventually move to Africa

The MAGMA adventure begins in May 2021. Identifying a need and opportunity to be part of the rapidly growing fintech/remittance industry in Africa and eager to bring her knowledge acquired around the world, accumulating 15+ years working and living abroad, including missions in Dominica, London and France to the service of Ivorians and Africa.

MagmaTech was founded to streamline the support and payout services for the benefit of money transfer operators and partners operating in the field of digital money transfer and payments. Magma focuses on West and Central Africa, as a service to bring financial inclusion to the proximity of the users. By connecting diverse payment infrastructures, we facilitate transfers, collections and payments in Francophone West Africa. Our system is used by a diverse portfolio including banks, post offices, Food & Agriculture Services, Government offices, aggregators and more.

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