Gwera Kiwana

Gwera is a fintech and web3 expert with a particular interest on where both areas intersect. She’s spent the last few years building and scaling fintechs.

After spending time in the trenches with her own payments venture, she joined Monzo to scale their customer ops and internal product as the company grew from 100k to 4M customers. She’s also spent time at fintech consultancy 11:FS where she built neobanks, advised fintechs, web3 businesses, regulators and incumbents on truly digital financial services that intersect in web3.

Gwera is now the first Crypto hire at regional fintech payments giant, MFS Africa where she’s building web3 solutions at scale, to unlock the next generation of African growth.

Gwera was also recognized as a rising star on the Innovate Finance Women in FinTech Power List and host of Fintech Insiders.

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