Davis Nteziryayo

Davis Nteziryayo

Davis Nteziryayo

CEO and Founder, PesaChoice

Mr. Davis Nteziryayo is a successful software developer and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the tech industry; he began his career at Dish Network, where he was promoted through various engineering roles. Davis later joined ACI Worldwide, one of the biggest players in the banking space, where he worked/built several robust financial platforms.

In 2013, Davis started his startup, KivuTel, which focused on aggregating airtime for people in the diaspora to call their loved ones at a low cost. However, he saw the rise of social media apps as a potential threat and sold the business when it had 17,000 customers after three years.

After selling KivuTel, Davis co-founded PesaChoice with Pacifique Mahoro and Odilon Senyana. PesaChoice was a cross-border payment platform helping African Diaspora in USA with remittances and bill payment.

Davis returned to Africa in 2018; after realizing that the company needed to come to Africa to make a real impact and took on a consulting role as the Head of Payments at BBOXX, where he led a team working on integrating telcos and BBOXX payment platforms. During this time, he also began training young interns in software engineering and has since trained over 25 individuals through PesaChoice “”coding academy””.

PesaChoice pivoted in 2019 from a remittance platform to an HR-enabled fintech; Davis wanted to lend to employees with verifiable income through data, and to do so, he quickly realized he needed an HR platform to access that data. He created MIDAS HR Software an HR system, built for the African market, to manage their workforce efficiently, and can extend short-term salary advances to employees.

Davis is planning to build a program called PesaChoice Academy where he can bring in young and brilliant people and give them the best resources possible to work on real-life projects.

Davis holds a Master of Information Systems from University of Phoenix and a double major in Information Technology and Mathematics from La Roche University. Davis is married with two daughters. Davis is passionate about helping future generations. He’s a member of Vision youth football club, mentor for young engineers at KLAB, and entrepreneurs at Jasiri. “

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