Boko Inyundo

Boko Inyundo is the Senior Marketing Manager, Technology Sector, at the global law firm DLA Piper, a Non-Exec Advisor to the Africa + Tech-focused consultancy De Charles and a Member of the Boards of the Royal African Society and the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD).

At DLA Piper Boko oversees a structured programme of thought leadership that explores the impact of emerging technologies, with output including: whitepapers; articles; podcasts; blogs; videos; infographics and other digital content as well as events. Notably he led the delivery of the widely acclaimed DLA Piper European Technology Summits held in 2016 and 2019 which brought together +350 global industry leaders to explore tech and legal trends. Boko also coordinates a series of conferences around the world entitled the DLA Piper TechLaw Event Series and also launched the DLA Piper TechLaw Podcast Series and DLA Piper TechLaw Video Series, both of which feature leading industry executives discussing technology-driven innovation. He also led the delivery of the DLA Piper European Technology Index in 2016, 2018 and 2020, a biennial survey into trends and regulation which is conducted with hundreds of industry executives across Europe. Boko also has a client-facing role in support of key client relationships and plays a key role in driving collaborative partnerships with leading industry organisations. Also, from the onset of the global coronavirus pandemic, Boko has played an instrumental role in scenario planning to guide DLA Piper’s response to the impact of COVID-19, with the aim of this initiative being to improve how the firm, in an integrated manner, supports clients worldwide, as these enterprises, entrepreneurs and governments navigate today’s unprecedented inflexion point sustainably.

Prior to his current role, Boko has held business development roles in the professional services and advertising industries including at: Lewis Silkin, a leading legal advisor to the advertising industry and for major global brands; Linklaters, in its engagement with the media and technology industries globally; and Deloitte, where as its TMT industry group marketing manager he helped develop the firms TMT Predictions series and its Technology Fast 50 programme; as well as at Saatchi & Saatchi (UK) where he led communications for the then Lloyds TSB, RBS, Procter & Gamble, and the Central Office of Information (COI) which was the UK government’s marketing and communications agency; and at Ogilvy (Kenya), working with Africa Online plc. on the launch of this, the first, pan-African ISP, South African Breweries on its market entry into East Africa and PepsiCo.

His areas of expertise include: corporate strategy and its alignment with strategic marketing, client relationship management, new business development and globally integrated communications. Boko has a demonstrable professional interest in Africa with him regularly speaking at Africa-focused conferences in London and on the continent. He is a Non-Executive Advisor to De Charles, a consultancy that works alongside similarly inspired founders and entrepreneurs to build products and narratives for the new generation of companies focused on Africa, while he holds recognised leadership roles as a member of the Boards of both the Royal African Society and the African Foundation for Development. In these roles Boko explores the prospects for key African economies and important developments such as COVID-19, digital transformation, African Continental Free Trade Agreement, UK-Africa trade post-Brexit and environmental, social and governance issues while helping various organisations and members of Africa’s Diaspora generate impactful ventures as they seek to participate in the continent’s pursuit of growth post-pandemic.

Boko is British and Kenyan. He was born, grew up and has worked in Kenya and has family there and in Uganda and Rwanda as well as in-laws in Ethiopia. He helps meet the needs of extended family across East Africa and, for over 20 years, he ran his own community-based organisation operating in Kenya focused on water sanitation, social innovation and income generation.

Boko holds an MBA (Distinction) from Henley Business School as well as a Masters in Marketing Management from Westminster Business School. In 2014 while at Henley Business School Boko led a successful MBA consultancy project advising a South African youth development organisation on improving its Alumni engagement. Initiatives such as this, together with his personal background and professional interests, stimulate and sustain his enduring passion for Africa, with a particular interest being the role of technology and the youth in enabling positive change across the continent.

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