Boko Inyundo

Boko is Director, Strategic Relations, at Hence, a London- and Kigali-based technology company offering innovative enterprise software that empowers senior executives and their teams through AI- and data-powered precise matching of in-house counsel needs with external counsel options. From there, General Counsels and their management teams can drive departmental improvements by leveraging analytics about where the firm is and isn’t making optimal selections.

His focus is on helping General Counsel, in-house legal, procurement and management teams at multinational companies become aware of, buy-in, integrate and effectively deploy Hence capabilities. He works closely with Hence’s co-founders and the globally-minded software development team that includes some of the best talent from across Africa that work in its Rwanda-based hub.

Prior to joining Hence Boko’s career spans +25 years in the legal, accounting, management consultancy and advertising industries. Previously he has held senior marketing and advisory roles at Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, Deloitte, Linklaters, Lewis Silkin and DLA Piper, with him, across all those companies, primarily focussing on leading sales and marketing engagement with the Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT), as well as the Financial Services (including FinTech), industries. Notably during 2020-21 Boko led the scenario planning and forecasting that guided the global law firm DLA Piper’s cross sector, group and international response to the impact of COVID-19, improving how the firm, in an integrated manner, supported its clients worldwide to sustainably navigate this unprecedented inflexion point.

Among other Africa-related and global appointments, Boko also sits on the Council of the Royal African Society and is a Non-Executive Advisor to the Africa + Tech-focused consultancy Mustard (formerly De Charles), at the latter working alongside entrepreneurs to build products and narratives for a new generation of companies, particularly ones based in Africa serving local and global markets. He is excited to return to the stage of the Africa Tech Summit, having spoken on behalf of and being integral to the participation of DLA Piper and many other organisations at prior summits.

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