Bilha Ngaruiya

Bilha Ngaruiya is a marketer and music executive. She is the country manager at ONErpm Kenya (a DIY distribution company), founder of Music Marketing Africa,(a digital marketing & PR company), and co-owner of Premier Talent Agency ( a management & PR ) consultancy.

Bilha began as an assistant to a dance crew manager helping the artists manage tasks, and schedules and helping manage artists’ friends when she was 19 and has since then planned 5 all-country tours, planned 10 international concerts, and countless local events. She started her marketing company by helping her touring artists to get local press in the various towns where we would go, when she landed a marketing deal for Bamboo with a water company she officially registered her business and started courting corporates and clients to help with the same.

She ventured into music distribution in 2019 and has worked as Country Manager( KE) for Ziiki media a Warner owner distribution company and currently works as country manager( KE) for ONErpm an American independent major distribution that is in 29 countries and 33 cities around the world.

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