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Jean-Claude Homawoo
Jean-Claude Homawoo Co-founder and Chief Product Officer LORI Jean-Claude Homawoo is Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of LORI, the leading e-Logistics trucking company in Africa, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. Jean-Claude is a Togolese-American entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in business and technology, during which he's led businesses in the US, Asia and Africa....
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Daniella Odette Mukayiranga
Daniella Odette Mukayiranga Country Business Development Lead at Flutterwave Rwanda Daniella Odette Mukayiranga Country Business Development Lead at Flutterwave Rwanda. She has extensive experience in Product and Project Management with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Daniella has previously worked with notable leading companies including RSwitch, Irembo (previously known...
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Haakon Brunell
Haakon Brunell Katapult Impact Accelerators Haakon Brunell Co-Founder and Managing Partner in Katapult Impact Accelerators, a global investment vehicle for startups using technology to solve environmental and societal challenges. In only two years, they have worked with 77 companies from 29 countries that share their mission of ‘build the world you want to live in’...
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Breitner Nyantika
Breitner Nyantika Strategy and Policy Officer at Capital Markets Authority- Kenya Breitner Nyantika Strategy and Policy Officer at Capital Markets Authority- Kenya. Sandbox Review Committee-Member, CMA Regulatory Sandbox. Finance and Investment professional. Certified Public Accountant-Kenya Bachelor of Commerce, Finance major, First Class Honours, Strathmore University. Breitner has lead Fintech and Blockchain Research in line with...
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Ketso Gordhan
Ketso Gordhan CEO SA SME Fund Ketso Gordhan is currently the CEO of the SA SME Fund, which is the largest institutional investor in Venture Capital in South Africa. Having invested in existing VC funds, the SA SME Fund has additionally launched 4 new venture capital firms covering, BioTech, Hardware and Engineering, IP Commercialisation and...
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Peter Orth
Peter Orth Co-founder Founder and Managing Partner 4DX Ventures Peter Orth is the Founder and Managing Partner of 4DX Ventures, an Africa focused venture capital fund. Prior to founding 4DX Ventures, Peter was an investor for over a decade, with work spanning global macro investing, public and private equity investing, as well as overall portfolio...
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Kwehnui KT Tawah
Kwehnui KT Tawah Global Head of Operations Sokowatch  Kwehnui KT Tawah Global Head of Operations Sokowatch currently oversees all operations across Sokowatch's markets in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda as well as international expansion. Prior to joining Sokowatch, KT served as the Head of Jumia Global and Computing for Jumia Kenya, where he was responsible...
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Chris Folayan
Chris Folayan Founder and CEO Mall for Africa Chris Folayan Founder and CEO Mall for Africa / Market Place Africa / Link Commerce is a well-established successful serial entrepreneur, board advisor, mentor, and speaker with over 25 years of C level role experiences in marketing, technology, startups, and corporate acquisitions. Born and raised in Nigeria,...
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Somet Kipchilat
Somet Kipchilat Partner Development Manager Microsoft 4Afrika Somet Kipchilat is a Partner Development Manager within Microsoft's Africa Initiatives (Microsoft 4Afrika) his role is to Identify, qualify, onboard, and enable strategic, net-new partners to develop solution on the Microsoft platform. He is also accountable for driving performance of the portfolio of partners by business priority. Previously...
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Mike Farquharson
Mike Farquharson General Manager Rush  Mike Farquharson is the General Manager of Rush, a courier aggregation platform that is transforming the last mile delivery space in South Africa. With more than 15 years’ experience in the courier industry and 19 years prior to that in Financial Services, Mike is passionate about enabling SME’s and entrepreneurs...
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