Nahom Tsegaye Berhe

Nahom Tsegaye Berhe

Co-founder and CEO Teraki

Nahom Tsegaye Berhe – the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Teraki – All Rights Technologies PLC; is an accomplished social entrepreneur who enjoys solving community problems in digital ways.

Nahom is specialized in Computer Engineering and Business Management which helped him in founding Teraki, a mobile app that tackles the scarcity of audiobooks and podcasts and the unavailability of a free platform for creators to house audio content in Africa. Furthermore, this digital platform for those who are visually impaired helps people with vision loss or low vision by enriching their knowledge and providing information on different subjects through the means of a book that is in audio format and podcasts.

Nahom is responsible for leading and joining forces of software developers, young creators, and authors that provide a free platform for creators to connect people to black stories globally.

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