Marco Funk

Let’s decarbonise!
At the end of 2020, Marco founded, a platform designed to unite stakeholders in the decarbonisation movement using smart contract financing and ‘on-chain’ carbon credit tracking. The journey leading up to this endeavour was quite an adventure. Earlier in his career, Marco immersed myself in learning various languages and gaining insights into diverse cultures while working in global business hubs. Marco’s educational background is rooted in Operations Research, Investment Analysis, and Economics, culminating in a master’s thesis in the latter focused on optimising the allocation and distribution of aid funding.

Following graduation, Marco worked as an analyst at the Nielsen Company before venturing into the entrepreneurial realm and relocating to Singapore. During his time there, he served as the Head of Business Development for a tech startup with aspirations to become the “Uber of home services.” In the process, he transitioned SME operations to the cloud. These experiences highlighted the critical importance of access to strategic investors. When Marcoreceived an opportunity to join the private banking sector in Dubai, he seized it, building a robust network of high-net-worth individuals and private bankers before returning to entrepreneurship.

Marco’s passion for a sustainable planet was fueled by extensive travels across all seven continents. Leveraging off the research related to distributing funds and experience in technology and banking, Marco considered options for accelerating the allocation of funds towards the biggest issue: the energy transition. With energy the root cause of 72% of emissions according to the World Resource Institute, and emerging markets sharing the same atmosphere yet lacking the financial resources to make the transition, it was clear what we needed to achieve: competitive returns at lowered risk with real verified impact. Thus came to be – the platform accelerating the decarbonisation of energy through real impact generation and showcasing.

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