Esigie Aguele

Esigie Aguele

Co-founder/CEO, QoreID

Co-founder and CEO of QoreID (a VerifyMe Company), responsible for meeting company vision and mission and strategic plan for growth. Esigie Aguele is an enterprise architect (CEA), Engineer, and operations expert with experience leading building FinTech products and leading public sector business transformation programs in the US.

VerifyMe is an identity verification & KYC technology company, powering open finance across Nigeria and eventually, Africa. We provide tiered levels of AML & CBN compliant customer data for secure customer onboarding.

Our infrastructure enables Tier III account opening, prevents fraud, secures transactions including financing, credit, insurance, healthcare, and personal finance at scale. Our API infrastructure provides a single endpoint for authoritative ID sources that can be authenticated remotely for secure contactless customer onboarding.

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