Edoka Idoko

Edoka Idoko

Founder OjirehPrime

Edoka Idoko is a Business strategist and a resilient entrepreneur. He is a member of the chartered institute of Bankers in Nigeria, a digital member of the world economic forum, a mentor with the Tony Elumelu foundation and the international trade Council where he provides advisory support to businesses globally.

A 2x founder with experience in e-commerce and financial technology. Edoka founded Ojireh.com (a grocery focused e commerce company) in 2016, expanded to the fintech industry industry with the launch of the OjirehPrime Prepaid Card in 2018, he lead the acquisition of a microfinance bank in 2020 and launched OjirehPrime as a digital bank in 2021.

Edoka Seats on the board of a different business including Solid Allianze Microfinance Bank, PAV merchants Limited and Kopita Construction Ltd just to mention a few.


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