Craig Burden

Craig Burden is the Hardware Director at Plentify, and has been guiding the development of Plentify’s hardware product line almost since the company’s inception.

Previously, Craig was the lead engineer at Lumkani, guiding the development of a novel Internet of Things fire detection system aimed at informal houses around the world. This system comprises a home fire detector and communal gateways. Since his involvement, Lumkani has successfully installed +100,000 detectors. Prior to Lumkani, Craig worked as a freelance engineer where he developed products including multi-channel wireless video receivers, drone race-timers and childrens toys.

Craig has an honours in BSc. (Hons) in Mechatronics engineering from the University of Cape Town. For his honours thesis he designed a low-cost 6-degree-of-freedom force transducer used to classify the motion of a cheetah.

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