Ayodeji Alaran

Ayodeji Alaran is the visionary Founder and CEO of PBR Life Sciences, a groundbreaking TechStars-backed startup reshaping healthcare in emerging markets through the power of big data and AI. He has deep expertise and capabilities spanning big data, AI, tech, and the life sciences industry gained from practical experience from major companies like GSK, Pfizer, IQVIA, and AstraZeneca, with increasing responsibilities across Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Holding a pharmacy degree from the University of Lagos and an MBA from the prestigious London Business School, Ayodeji’s entrepreneurial and strategic acumen is matched only by his commitment to excellence. PBR Life Sciences is revolutionizing the industry, with a focus on inclusivity and impact, offering life sciences companies transformative data-as-a-service platforms to mitigate losses and enhance patient outcomes. PBR Life Sciences is registered in the UK and Nigeria.

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