Dotun Olowoporoku

Dotun Olowoporoku is an associate director at Novastar Ventures, an early stage fund that invests in businesses addressing the biggest problems for the low income mass markets in Africa. Prior to joining Novastar, Dotun was the Managing Partner at Starta, a startup advisory firm for high growth businesses in Africa. Starta recently rebranded as Growthlab an online membership growth programme with a co-working space in Lagos.

Dotun started his career as research fellow on air quality and climate change in Bristol, England. In 2012, he founded an on-demand food delivery platform, leading the startup to scale across 3 cities in the UK and facilitated strategic partnership with Just-Eat UK Plc in 2015. Dotun was the recipient of 2014 Southwest England Breakthrough Business Prize, and was identified as one of the 42 under 42 most influential business person in the region. Dotun has a PhD in environmental management.

He is the host of Building the Future podcast which chronicles African growth narrative through one-on-one conversation entrepreneurs, thought leaders and innovators shaping the African future.


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