Chidi Afulezi

Chidi Afulezi 200

Chidi Afulezi

Co-Founder aKoma

Chidi Afulezi’s mission is simple – Inform. Educate. Entertain. And tackle big problems.

He is a product guy and digital insurgent, with a day job of co-founder of aKoma Media, a content and storytelling platform for Africa focused content creators and audiences. This includes Amplify, a paid fellowship program for African content creators. He is also a product management trainer and consultant, working with corporate product teams on product management, new product development, and process.

Chidi has been instrumental in the development of well known digital products, including CNN, CNN Money and Sports Illustrated Mobile, and Turner Entertainment’s Emmy Award winning Team Coco App, via a variety of startup and senior corporate stints at media and tech companies.

Prior to aKoma, Chidi co-founded The Core Venture Studio – a startup studio, and Collider – a co-working space in Atlanta’s Tech Square. He is active in the Atlanta startup and sub-Saharan Africa content creator communities, serving as a mentor and advisor to a number of tech and media startups.

His career has been adventurous and prolific in the tech, entertainment and media industries, serving in an assortment of product executive roles with tech and media companies including Turner Broadcasting, Time Warner, Sony Music and AT&T Wireless. His bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics, Electrical Engineering and MBA were all received from New York University.


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