Day: 6 February 2020

5 Questions at the Africa Tech Summit

The Africa Tech Summit attracts delegates from all over the world. This year, AppsAfrica singled out three people and asked them the same five questions. We met Victor Ekwealor, a tech-journalist from Nigeria. Aster Nao Koneko, who works for a solar lantern manufacturer in Nairobi; and Kondwani Alex Ntonya (Alex), a Malawi startup founder who…

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Registering Your Startup in Africa: “It all depends on the goal of what you’re creating.”

“It all depends on the goal of what you’re creating,” explained Tosin Amusan, Product Development Lead at when asked about the proper way to register startups in Africa. “A business is like a house. When you decide to build a house [you build your foundation based on] where you want it to go. In the same…

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