Petra Wolkenstein

Petra Wolkenstein is General Partner at Startup Wise Guys Africa and CEO of digital accelerator.   In her role at Startup Wise Guys she has supported startup trainings program building at GreenTech – Ghana and Ivory Coast, collaborated with Kenyan SME-centre for startups and entrepreneurship, provided trainings platform for Startup Namibia together with Startup Wise Guys and runs ADA African project key2investors together with Namibian partner and Startup Wise Guys.

She coaches Startups, entrepreneurs and managers of mid-sized companies and owners in the creative industries on growth strategies. This covers international market entry, lead generation, new business areas, building partnerships, winning over investors or buying / selling companies. She works in diverse roles: interim management, classic expertise, coaching or workshops. Since 2016 she has been working with business owners on business transfer projects. She has founded and runs the startup platforms key2investors and to support them in preparing towards investor-readiness.

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