Munachi Ogueke

Munachi is the Chief Business Officer of Yellow Card Financial. He graduated with an engineering degree from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. During his time in college, he co-founded the successful e-commerce company He left his startup (as the largest e-commerce platform for students in Nigeria) to build a career in Bitcoin, Blockchain, and cryptocurrency trading in 2016 when the space was starting out in Nigeria.

He founded Cryset OTC and has managed and brokered the top OTC deals in West Africa, becoming a very prominent figure within the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space in Nigeria and Africa at large. He has been involved in trading, mining, Masternodes, block producing for the EOS network, and many other verticals across the blockchain and crypto space.

In 2018, Munachi joined Yellow Card full-time as their Chief Business (/Bitcoin) Officer. He manages the company’s treasury on both the crypto and fiat side. To this day he still devotes time to educating people about the potential of Blockchain technology in Africa.

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