Sora Yago

Sora is the Director of Finance and Operations Officer for VoxAfrica Ltd.’s Francophone and Anglophone platforms. Also, currently a member of the decision-making panel for the bank of England, Sora aids in the collection of information on how business conditions are changing in these times of substantial UK and international economic uncertainty.

Prior to this, Sora was the CFO for Voxafrica UK, responsible for managing the company’s finances, including financial planning, management of financial risks, and financial reporting.

Sora joined Voxafrica in 2013 as a finance manager and in just 4 years gained a deserving role of Director of Finance in January 2017. This speaks to her dedication, hard work, diligence and commitment to her role. As a qualified Chartered Accountant Technician and ACCA part qualified professional, Sora is a highly enthusiastic and driven individual, and a proactive team member, with a profound interest in learning as well as teaching.

As Finance Director for Voxafrica, her portfolio incorporates VoxAfrica English, including Anglophone Africa and the UK, VoxAfrica Afrique, and VoxAfrica Europe.

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