Sheraan Amod

Sheraan Amod

CEO RecoMed

Sheraan Amod is a South African entrepreneur with significant experience in technology startups and venture capital. He founded the personalised publishing company Personera in 2009; raising significant venture capital funding and commercializing the company in the USA before selling it to Impression Works LLC in 2013 in a transaction requiring SA Reserve Bank approval.

Returning from New York, Sheraan went on to found RecoMed (, the largest and fastest growing online healthcare marketplace and booking platform in Sub-Saharan Africa. RecoMed seamlessly connects doctors and patients in real-time, with a strong consumer and B2B platform business that powers over 50,000 bookings per month for leading independent and enterprise health providers across South Africa.

Sheraan holds a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Cape Town.


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