Sheilah Birgen

Sheilah Birgen is Entrepreneurs Engagement Lead at iHub.  She has over 7 years of experience in the entrepreneurship and tech ecosystem in East Africa and vastly knowledgeable of the entrepreneurship and innovation scene in Africa. She lead in the development and execution of mLab East Africa ( iHub’s incubation center) acceleration programmes for East African entrepreneurs, iHub Fellows, and mLab incubated startups.

She has coached and mentored over 500 entrepreneurs in business model and acumen, investor relations and pitching across the continent. For over 5 years, Sheilah organised largest East African Pitching Contest, popularly known as PivotEast. She is currently manages iHub and World Bank’s joint acceleration programme for East African startups called Traction Camp.

She is an  entrepreneur,  speaker, technology evangelist  and enthusiast who is absolutely passionate about technology as a tool across sectors to improve processes, increase efficiencies, promote collaboration and ensure accountability especially while catapulting social impact or profitability.  She was named by Root magazine among the top six black women in 2016 leading the charge to grow technology sector across the African continent. Under her leadership in 2015,  m:Lab was listed in the top 10 best accelerators 2015-2017 in the World  by UBI Global Benchmark and the only accelerator from  a developing country.


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