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Teddy Segore
Teddy Segore Chief Technical Director Charis UAS Teddy Segore is the Chief Technical Director/Certified Pilot of Charis Unmanned Aerial Solutions.  The first internationally certified drone pilot in Rwanda, certified and trained from the EUROUSC organization in Europe. Furthermore, He obtained a certificate in AG Drone Piloting & Remote Sensing AG- Business at AIRINOV and has...
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Wale Ayeni
Wale Ayeni Regional Head, Africa Venture Capital Investments IFC   Wale Ayeni leads the IFC's Venture Capital practice focused on Africa - the International Finance Organization is part of the World Bank Group.  The IFC's Venture capital team invests in technology companies in frontier markets. IFC’s tech portfolio in Africa includes Andela, Bridge International Academies,...
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Stephen Gugu
Stephen Gugu Co-founder & Director ViKtoria Ventures Stephen is co-founder and Director at ViKtoria Ventures a sector agnostic angel network out of Kenya focused on commercially viable early stage investments from East Africa which are post traction. Through Viktoria Stephen has made several investments and assisted angel investors in Kenya access and make investments. He...
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Norman Munyampundu
Norman Munyampundu Chief Business Officer MTN Norman Munyampundu, is currently working with MTN Rwandacell as the Chief Business Officer where he oversees Enterprise Business and Mobile Money Operations. Prior to joining MTN Business department, he served as the General Manager Customer Operations for MTN Rwanda for over 9 years and prior to this, he also...
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Antony Munyi
Antony Munyi Territory Lead IBM East Africa Antony Munyi is the current Territory Lead at IBM East Africa. I role held for the past 3 years. Munyi holds a Bachelors in Computer Science and Masters degree in Electronic Security from U.K. Universities. Mwai has 18 years of ICT experience having worked in the U.K. Ethiopia,...
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Elizabeth Rogers
Elizabeth Rogers Co-Founder & MD, Kuunda 3D Elizabeth is an experienced and well-rounded entrepreneur, manager & consultant with broad interests. Her passions have led her to explore careers in biotech & life sciences, aerospace, agriculture and technology. The common thread has been her drive to help make the world a better place, and she believes...
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Edward George
Edward George Head of UK Ecobank Dr Edward George is the head of the UK representative office of pan-African bank, Ecobank, as well as being head of group research. Edward oversees the teams in the London office, with a focus on corporate banking, international organisations, treasury, research and digital innovation. As head of research he...
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Alice Kilonzo-Zulu
Alice Kilonzo-Zulu Managing Director Ecobank Rwanda Alice Kilonzo-Zulu was appointed as Managing Director of Ecobank Rwanda in November 2016. Prior to this Alice was the Group Head of Trade Finance, responsible for product development & sales of the trade portfolio across the Ecobank Group. Prior to joining Ecobank in 2012, Alice worked with Citibank Kenya...
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Ben Roberts
Ben Roberts CTO Liquid Telcom Group Ben joined LTK as CEO in 2013, and has been the Chief Technical Officer for Liquid Telecom Group since 2006. With over 20 years experience across a range of technologies in design, support, integration and operational management roles, he has led the group’s networking and product strategy, expanding its...
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Karanvir Singh
Karanvir Singh CEO Yego Moto Karanvir is a serial entrepreneur who has over 35 years experience in various fields including Semiconductors, Homeland Security and ICT. His pragmatic hands-on approach, years of experience in different domains and the fact that he has also been a Stand-up Comic make him an engaging speaker. He has spent the...
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