Olasupo Oyedepo

Olasupo Oyedepo

Project Director ICT4HEALTH

Olasupo Oyedepo is currently playing a leadership role in the African Alliance of Digital Health Networks. The African Alliance of Digital Health Networks is a peer learning network, established (with support from Digital Square at PATH) to provide coordinating support to existing digital health networks across the continent, to help to align and leverage the strengths of and lessons learned from those networks.

The African Alliance will help to incubate and grow human capacity in Africa to leverage the power of the digital in health across the continent. And it will promote greater south to south collaboration so that new and current best practices become available to African countries.

He is the Project Director of the Health Strategy and Delivery Foundation’s ICT4HEALTH Project in Nigeria; the project was setup to provide technical assistance to the government to operationalize the first year of Nigeria’s National eHealh Strategy Action Plan. Before then he was the Country Director for the ICT4SOML Project, where he led the United Nation Foundation’s support to the Nigerian Federal Ministries of Health and Communication Technology in the development of the country’s National eHealth Strategy.

He is particularly passionate about country leadership and governance of digital health investments and activities in LMICs.


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