Morris Marah

Morris Marah is an MSc International Conflict and BA (Hons) International Relations with TV Broadcasting & New Media (both Kingston University London) graduate with over 15 years project management, business development and resource management experience. A highly versatile and proactive individual, Morris is the founder and director of Sensi Tech Innovation Hub (Sensi, the first ever innovation hub in Sierra Leone and the only space for young people to access cutting-edge technology and develop innovative business ideas.

His academic achievement is driven by his continuous interest and determination in developing experiences and education in the fields of international development and technology innovation. His  post-graduate studies in International Conflict looked at the role ICT’s play in the developing world and over the course of his career he has acquired valuable skills and experiences, working for a range of high level organizations in the humanitarian aid sector, development, new media, digital media, communications, research, video production, innovation, technology and business.

During the Ebola Virus outbreak in Sierra Leone he directed a social mobilization based programme operating a toll-free SMS interactive platform which allowed young participants to access a repository of Ebola information as well as receive important updates on curfews, disease outbreak and recovery efforts. As one of Sierra Leone’s most influential young people under 35 Morris is well established and acknowledge within the development circles in country as a pioneer in tech and entrepreneurship innovation through his Sensi initiative and entrepreneurship ventures including the plastic waste management project Le Plastics.

He founded the  Sensi Tech Hub project because he believes ICT’s and innovation can play a vital role in helping to combat poverty, enhance development and  set the  foundations to develop a community of tech enthusiast and entrepreneurs that could contribute to development of the economy as a whole.  An avid learner, reader and researcher, Morris is very knowledgeable about global information and trends relating to the latest tech and entrepreneurship development. In Sierra Leone he is looking to identify solutions, opportunities and possibilities that exist in the technology space and connect them to challenges and needs of currents effort to develop the country. His understanding of Sierra Leone’s culture, politics and issues gives him leverage to accomplish this and helps him steer the organization through a localized approach in implementing solutions and services on the ground.

Born in Sierra Leone and raised in the UK, Morris always dreamed of impact and improving the lives of young people in Sierra Leone, he is now living that dream through his tech and entrepreneurship work in the country.


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