Michael Felix Ngugi

Michael Felix Ngugi

Technology Officer CyberSpeak LC

Michael Felix Ngugi is the Technology Officer at CyberSpeak LC, a Cyber Security Engineer and a cyber security consultant at Villbo Group Limited. During his time in the cyber security industry, he has been involved in various security projects creating more cyber resilience in industries he has been associated with. He is also focused on creating cyber awareness around the country and Africa. At CyberSpeak LC with the team, he has managed to bring together a large number of cyber professional within Kenya and Africa.

His drive in the cyber security industry is the passion to protect, create and maintain the sanity in the technology that is everyday influencing the way people behave and interact, and the way it has become a core part of everyday running of many economies all around the world.

His achievements and initiatives are;

  • Child Online Risk Awareness Campaign: Abbreviated as CORA campaign is an initiative meant to raise awareness on the cyber risks facing the young generations and also a campaign aimed at getting statistical data on the African view of the risks facing the African youth.
  • Creating and building cyber resilience across Kenyan industries both private and financial institutions.
  • A trainer in Ethical Hacking Digital Forensics and a mentor in the cyber space.


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