Erick Kondela

Erick strongly believes in the power of technology to transform lives. His work is dedicated to enhancing the learning experience for young people in Africa. Erick works hard using his Computer Applications knowledge and experience to develop Mobile Applications and learning solutions for Shule Direct, an e-learning social enterprise that leverages existing technology to improve access to qualified, relevant and digital learning resources to over 1,000,000 young learners across East Africa.

Erick wishes to inspire young people by sharing his own experiences and went on to found the Global Youth Tech Talk (GYTT), an online platform to connect and share with young people with a keen interest in tech and tech developments from around the globe.

Erick’s passion is about breaking new grounds and transcending to “higher grounds” both literally and figuratively, he is constantly working to change the norm, this also stems from his passion for flying, a dream he wishes to fulfill before he retires.


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