Elton Mutize

Elton Mutize is the Founder and CEO of Paradigm, a consulting and coaching practice in Uganda with a firm focus on helping people unlock their greatness and facilitate the creation of great enterprises in Africa. Paradigm is the operator of VentureLabs East Africa, a co-working and innovation lab committed to providing great spaces for entrepreneurs, investors and aspiring entrepreneurs to enable them to build great enterprises.

Elton has a progressive 14 years’ experience serving high profile brands in Africa with specific exposure in the Financial Services, Property, Telecoms, Media, Manufacturing, FMCG, Internet of Things (IoT) and Management Consulting sectors in an Executive and Consulting capacity. He also serves as an Executive Director of Huchi Capital Limited, an African enterprise solely focused on leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) opportunity in Africa. Elton co-authored a timeless book titled, Paradigm Shifters: Re-Inventing Your World. His accomplishments are buttressed by robust reading ethic and a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy (Honors).


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