Cynthia Contini

Cynthia Contini is the Managing Director of Cynthia Contini Consulting. Cynthia Contini has 10 years of experience in commerce. His professional career began in 2010 in consulting and sales to customers.Then she work on marketing from 2011 to 2016, where she acquired management, order management and delivery, recruitment, team management and leadership skills.

From her strong experience, she opened her home business from 2017 to 2018 which is developing thanks to social networks. From 2018 to 2019, she continues the training: Social communications manager, press relations, training of trainers. In March 2019, she participated in a Startup competition where she won the 3rd prize for a local economic project combining sustainable development and technology currently working on this project that she would like to present in Bordeaux during the Africa France 2020 summit, in June 2020.

In June 2019,she created Cynthia Contini Consulting in order to advise companies in their commercial and technological development by offering them different marketing strategies and personalized support.

Since January 2020 she joined ExoTech & B2B Technological Development and Marketing Company based in Mauritius.

Persevering and enterprising woman, she inspires leadership, enjoys learning, entrepreneurship and the discovery of different cultures.

Member engaged in the associative world, notably the Women Entrepreneur networks such as DDF (Défis de Femmes Ile de la Réunion) and EFOI (Entreprendre au Féminin Océan Indien) as well as Terra Habilis which is an NGO which campaigns for healthy food, back to Earth. She is also a member of Club Export Reunion.

She also wants to create a space for creativity in her neighborhood in order to give free rein to talents (music, art, crafts, etc.) in a friendly and sharing atmosphere. His favorite quote from Saint Exupéry punctuated his journey “Make your life a dream, a dream a reality”.

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