Brian Mwiti

Brian Mwiti

Founder & CEO of Hope Tech Plus

Brian Mwenda is the Founder & CEO of Hope Tech Plus Limited. He is passionate about the inclusivity of disadvantaged groups into societies especially the disabled. He believes a healthy society accepts and appreciates the input of everyone regardless of their physical challenges.

He is working with a great team to make sure movement for visually impaired people is no longer a nightmare by introducing a gadget called The Sixth Sense. This is a device that copies how dolphins find obstacles using echolocation and applying this on a device for visually impaired people. He has focus on helping the 285 million visually impaired people globally become more productive and live fulfilling lives by working on projects to assist in mobility, education and general well-being of the person.

Brian is part of the 2017/2018 shortlist for the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation and has presented at various events including pitch@palace Africa.


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