Alex Kapungu

Alex Kapungu is’s first manager of African origin and currently serves as Executive Chairman of DMM.Hehe, after leading’s first merger and acquisition project in Africa, with acquiring HeHelabs, a Rwandan mobile technologies company. He also serves on the board of AC Group LTD, a Rwandan company that manages automatic fare collection systems for public buses, as executive director, after overseeing’s first equity investment in Africa., is a popular Japanese video, game streaming, e-commerce platform and general IT technology company. Alex joined the DMM.Africa business development department of in February 2016 and was tasked with finding new business opportunities in the continent, becoming in October 2016, the department’s manager. As department manager, he also took part in the recruitment of and training of international talent as part of the globalization strategy of the whole group.

Prior to joining, Alex worked a Rakuten Travel, as an Internet travel consultant, recruiting and facilitating online sales of over 100 hotel clients mainly in the Southeast Asia region, and as a search engine marketing (SEM) specialist, promoting existing user flow and proposing strategies to reach and acquire new users to increase the platform’s user base.

Alex Kapungu was born and raised in Tanzania, went to study in Japan in 2006 under the sponsorship of the Japanese government, later receiving a Master’s degree from the University of Tokyo in March 2013.



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