Agnes Muthoni

Agnes Muthoni is the Director of Pre-Fellowship at Andela, a technology company that scales high performing distributed engineering teams with Africa’s most talented software developers. With over 15 years of work experience, having worked internationally including the United States and Kenya. She has spent her career going beyond the ‘whiteboard to deploy innovative fintech technologies’ that are customer-centric and drive financial inclusion.

Agnes is also the founder of Fikiri Impact (“Fikiri”means think in Swahili) which is a community organization focused on empowering women through coaching and learning programs. In addition, Agnes is the co-founder of 254 Network, a women’s leadership network group that is a trusted resource for professional women in Kenya. Agnes firmly believes that women need to support each other because, in her words, “We are stronger together”.

In 2015, The Information Communication & Technology Ministry of Kenya appointed Agnes to be an advisor of the Presidential Digital Talent Program in Kenya, where she is an active mentor and advisor on government led initiatives that focus on digitizing Government systems. Agnes holds a degree in Mathematics and Statistics from Southern Methodist University (SMU), where she was awarded a Presidential Scholarship.

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