Christine Masiika

Christine Masiika is an Information Security enthusiast with a growing passion within the field of digital forensics, an area she hopes to grow her career. She has great interest in topics like artificial intelligence and the rise of IoT (Internet of Things) devices in the world today. Questions like, what it all means for the future of cyber security take up most of her research time.

She has great insight and a high level of attention to detail, skills that have enabled her to develop a deep understanding of the prevalent risks in relation to the security of information or data in any organisation.

She also presents expertise in working with different types of computer networks. These include networks associated with the government which she experienced during her time at NITA-U, and the banking sector which has broadened her knowledge base a far as cyber security is concerned.

She has great passion to pass on skills to the next generation especially the girls through her cyber security outreach program with the objective of mentoring and training high school and university students.

She attended Multimedia University Malaysia, which introduced her to the world stage of cyber security, there her passion grew and led to a ground breaking thesis that involved detection of abnormal behaviour at an ATM machine, which she accomplished relying on principles of Artificial Intelligence.

She is currently growing and learning at Applied Principles Consulting a renowned Ugandan firm, an IT Security and Digital Forensics with a footprint in South Africa, Ghana and Kenya, she holds a certification in CHFI and is currently pursuing a course in Encase forensics.

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