Creative Track

Creative Track

The Creative Track

The Africa Tech Summit Creative Track, in partnership with aKoma Media will deliver spirited discussion and inspiration from creative innovators, thought leaders, and experts during the two days of the African Tech Summit in Kigali. This track will bring together key makers, marketers, communicators and creators who make content in a variety mediums and industries, for an itinerary of dynamic sessions.



Come be inspired and empowered by some of the most respected voices in the African creative industry on why it is an exciting time to work in content and storytelling. Conversations on how the creative ecosystem is critical in setting the agenda, values and vision for Africa going forward, and how collaborations on creative projects on digital and emerging tech platforms is a key enabler for Africa’s success. We will explore the constantly evolving world and work of African creatives, from conversational storytelling to data driven content creation.

The Creative Track will cover Digital Media and Platforms, The Biz of Creative, and Film & Animation. Sessions planned include:

  • I Stream. You Stream. We All Stream: A high level panel discussion on the impact of streaming platforms on the creative and media community in Africa.
  • The Digital Influencer: Africa’s New Superstar: Africa’s new grade superstar content creators on social and digital talk about how they are making the magic happen, and why collaborating with them is critical to Africa’s rise.
  • Getting Investors To Take The African Creative Business Seriously: Investors are scrambling to partake in the tech revolution in Africa, but are they missing the boat by not funding the equally fascinating yet enigmatic creative and storytelling start-ups? A panel of creatives and investor types go at it on this panel.
  • Brands As The New Content & Entertainment Companies: Innovative storytelling and content is now a core aspect of the marketing and communications mix. Senior level marketers sit down to debate this development on this eye opening panel.
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