The Grand at Trafalgar Square, London April 20th 2017

Moving On Up

From drones to solar, African tech has moved on and up a gear. The latest developments, regulations and trends from across the continent are explored.

The Time Is Now

Investors and funds from across Africa shine a light on the investment landscape and outlook across Africa and what is hot now.

The F Word

Fintech is one of the hottest sectors for investment in Africa with payments, mobile money, banking and remittances key battle grounds. What are the opportunities for investors, disruptors and corporates?

Scale Up Africa

Africa is moving from start-ups to scale ups – tech businesses are overcoming obstacles such as funding, regulation and a host of other challenges to succeed. What are the key lessons for scaling in Africa?

Where, What, How?

Mobile opportunities vary widely across the continents 54 countries, therefore key insights from the leading mobile markets, opportunities and how to access them are essential from those who have done it.

Call The Operator

Building, launching and monetising mobile solutions for the African mobile consumer is marathon not a sprint. Strategy, promotion and partnerships are critical elements – learn from the African experts.

Data Is Knowledge – Knowledge Is Power

The new data revolution provides unprecedented opportunities and we uncover a new wave of ventures harnessing data and tech across Africa.

Laws Of Attraction

Media is critical for publicity, however parallel principles exist to find investment. What are the key lessons African tech ventures need to learn to harness the power of the media.

Networking Reception




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